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In building lasting relationships with each of our clients, based on transparency, open-communication, and partnership.


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Beautiful and effective solutions which are specifically designed around each business's unique needs.


Molly’s role at Pollen Collective is a mash-up of account management, project management, and design. She oversees a team of talented misfits whose passion is only outpaced by their talent and gets to collab with clients who do amazing things. She has been coding websites since 2012 and has a diploma in Digital Media from Media Design School. When she’s not running Pollen Collective, Molly likes drinking tea, listening to pop music loudly and imagining she can dance like Beyonce.


Tim has over 10 years experience in developing software for the web. As an enthusiast and advocate of open source development he appreciates the power of knowledge sharing, and is adept at determining when to reuse, to rebuild, or revolutionise. He believes that good software should be built adaptable and able to evolve to fit people's workflows, rather than determining them.


Toivo has been designing and developing pieces of the internet since 2010. Walking into his first job as lead developer, he continues to relish the responsibility and care it takes to make websites and webapps that truly meet the needs of both client and user. He has particular interests in open development, full-circle user experience, and innovative product design.

Here are some of the people and projects we work with:

Book A Bach

Tim worked with Bookabach to modernise their website and development workflow during a rebuild of the site in 2015. As lead Javascript developer he introduced source control and deployment workflows to assist in modernising & safeguarding Bookabach's existing software infrastructure, and continues to provide assistance as needed.

Innocent Packaging

Innocent Packaging came to us needing a beautiful new website to showcase their marvellous sustainable plant-based products. They have a bold, environmentally conscious, approachable + professional brand. To reflect these brand values we have incorporated custom interactive elements to reflect the brands personality.

Ngā Rangatahi Toa

Ngā Rangatahi Toa is a charitable organisation close to our hearts. They need a website which reflects the unique nature of their work, with a contemporary design to highlight the mahi itself and the art which their rangatahi are creating. We are currently making them a bespoke responsive website, with a Wordpress CMS so they can easily update the content. This website also has a shop where they can sell their merchandise.

Auckland University

A creative collision of minds has seeded two projects with Auckland University. The first is a bold & experimental online home for the Argos Aotearoa journal, which gives space for the creativity of the authors and artists involved to translate from paper to web. The second, HEaRD, is a "Higher Engagement and Response Device" – a web-app for groups & classrooms to collectively ideate and discuss questions and challenges.

Build Spider

Buildspider is designed to streamline often complicated and time consuming workflows in an easy to use and fully web-based application designed for professionals in the construction industry. Toivo and Tim are working closely with an industry expert in order to understand how the industry works and implement existing processes in an easy to use and powerful web application.

Manawatū Heritage

Manuwatū Heritage is an online catalog designed to showcase a vast collection of media and objects from the Palmerston North community and museum collection. Infinite zoom images, audio wave analysis and SPA responsiveness with server-side rendering are utilised to showcase the collection. Tim acts as lead Javascript developer and technical consultant for the front end implementation, while Toivo takes care of UX & responsive realisations of supplied designs.

You won't be disappointed if Pollen Creative looks after your website and social media. The designs were awesome for me and the ideas that Molly came up with were perfect for my image and content. I found I could make decisions really easily based on the choices and advice I was given. It was really good for me to step back and see my business through Molly's eyes. When I am travelling Molly confidently takes over everything and keeps my content up to date and looking good. We are always working on new projects as I am inspired by Molly.
// Louise Founder / Managing Director

Zouzou with Me

When Bookabach came to re-architect our website for mobile-first design we needed to add someone to our team with specific expertise and knowledge of the latest and greatest front-end UX frameworks. We were very fortunate to find Tim for this. He’s knowledgeable, easy to work with and extremely fast and responsive. Also, he has great judgement when it comes to choosing appropriate technology. He’s been an outstanding contributor to the Bookabach project.
// Peter Founder / CTO


I first met with Molly at Pollen to discuss my ideas for the website, and from the start she was able to intimate what I was looking for and add ideas to bring the project to life. The teams creative problem-solving took the website to a whole new level, and the result is a really unique site that exceeds my expectations.
// Benj Founder / Managing Director

Popular Media Production

Tim and Molly are fantastic to work with - they have a massive amount of collective knowledge, are cutting edge and innovative and will give anything a go. We provide a bespoke service to our members and these guys do the same for us. We love working with them and for us they are an integral part of our team.
// Penny and Armin Co-Founders

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